Hospital Homebound Education

The Learning Support Services Department coordinates Hospital/Homebound services for students absent from school for extended periods of time during the school year because of illness or related medical/psychiatric reasons. The purpose of this service is to allow any K-12 student to continue their educational program during times of illness. A doctor’s or community counsellor’s note is required.   

The education provided is as similar as possible to the program they would receive if attending classes at school. Teachers of hospital/homebound students provide direct instruction to students, while the responsibility for long-term planning of the students' educational program remains with the students' classroom teacher(s) in collaboration with the hospital/homebound teacher and the school-based team. In addition, it is important that there be effective collaboration, consultation and co-ordination with care givers if services for hospital/homebound students are to be effective.

When a student is unable to attend school for more than 3 months, alternate methods of educational programming will be explored, such as online learning through distance education (Abbotsford Virtual School).