Community Access Program (CAP)

The Community Access Program (CAP) is a district grade 12+ program. It is designed to service designated special needs students who have been assessed with a Moderate Intellectual disability (IQ 50 or lower) and who would benefit from a bridging year between secondary school and adult programs. The program is currently hosted at Yale Secondary School. 

The Goals of the Program

  1. Students will develop employment skills.
  2. Students will develop social skills.
  3. Students will develop and practice independent life skills.
  4. Students will develop self-advocacy skills. 
  5. Students will  be exposed to a variety of community recreational activities.

Priority for Acceptance to Program

  1. Abbotsford School District resource room students who meet all the program criteria (see below) will have priority placement.
  2. Other eligible Abbotsford School District students brought forward through Global Review may be placed in the program, if space allows.
  3. Eligible students from local Private Schools may be placed in the program, if space allows.

Criteria for Application to CAP

  • Students in this program must not have received their B.C. School Leaving Certificate (Evergreen)
  • Students must be sufficiently independent in terms of skills related to personal care, mobility, daily living, communication, and emotional regulation.
  • Students will have been designated in one of the following Ministry of Edcation categories: C -  Moderate Intellectual Disability, D - Chronic Health/Physical Disability (and have an IQ of 50 or lower), G - Autism (and have an IQ of 50 or lower), or K - Mild Intellectual Disability (IQ of 70 or lower with very low adaptive skills).
  • Students must demonstrate emotional self-control and the ability to adapt to new and changing situations so that they can become independent in the school and community (i.e. students must require limited supervision in the community setting and be working towards using public transportation independently.)
  • Students must currently be registered in school.
  • Students will have completed grade 12 in a district resource room high school program or on a modified inclusive program.
  • Students must meet Ministry eligibility for funding for an extra school year or follow the age restriction as set by the Abbotsford School District.  Students can be no older than 19 on the first of July of the school year going into CAP.