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Special Education Technology in BC (SET-BC) is a BC Ministry of Education Resource Program established to assist BC school districts provide appropriate technology for students with diverse learning needs. The purpose of this technology is to ensure students are able access their educational programs in an inclusive environment. SET-BC services to school districts includes consultation and collaboration; Professional Development and training; provision of classroom and student resources; and technology loans.

SET-BC Service Delivery Model

  • Tier 1 Services – Includes district-based professional development and district-wide capacity building with the focus on how technology can be used to support diverse student needs in the classroom.
  • Tier 2 Services – Includes providing technology specific training, as well as loaning and supporting classroom-based technology solutions. Tier 2 targets technologies currently available in the district that are being underutilized.
  • Tier 3 Services – Includes intensive, individual interventions with ongoing team support. It includes SET-BC consultation, technology solution planning, coordination of device trials, student-based technology loans, training, implementation follow up and technical support.

The SET BC team is located in the Vancouver School District but serves the entire province. Abbotsford has a district multi-disciplinary SET BC committee that meets regularly throughout the year.