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Counsellors & Youth Care Workers

Elementary Social Development teams (including Counselors and Youth Care Workers) serve three main functions. They provide ongoing emotional, social and behavioural support for identified students, participate with the School Based Teams and integrated care teams, liaise with district and community agencies, and meet and work with parents and families of identified students to offer either direct support or referral to community agencies.


Abby Family and Choice Schools - Cenntenial Park Team Centre
Phone: 604.851.4582
Fax: 604.851.4584

Bateman and Yale Family  - AVS Team Centre 
Phone: 604.850.1615
Fax: 604.850.2660

Mouat Family  - John Maclure Team Centre
Phone: 604.853.1246
Fax: 604.853.6461

Hansen Family  -   Rick Hansen Team Centre
Phone: 604.853.2197
Fax: 604.855.3601