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Learning Support Services Helping Teachers

General Learning Support Services Helping Teachers provide direct support to schools, classroom teachers, Learning Assistance teachers, Resource Room teachers, Teaching Assistants and Principals. They help with student programing, Individual Education Plans, Teaching Assistant assignments, staff development, referrals to outside agencies, School Based Teams, Care team meetings, adapted and modified programs, functional curriculum, computer software, specialized equipment, safety plans, student designations, and student transitions.


Jerry Loeppky

  • Support for Abby Family of Schools and Abbotsford Virtual School
  • Phone: 604.504.4610 ext. 1807

Sasha Tang

  • Support for Mouat Family of Schools
  • Phone: 604.504.4610 ext. 1810

Tyler Yost

  • Support for Bateman Family of Schools and Integrated Arts Schools
  • Phone: 604.504.4610 ext. 1809

Angela Montgomery

  • Intensive Intervention for Inclusion (Referral Required)
  • Phone: 604.504.4610 ext. 1811

Megan Little

  • Support for Yale and Hansen Families of Schools and Bakerview
  • Phone: 604.504.4610 ext. 1829

Chris Farley

  • Student Engagement, Safe & Caring Schools 
  • Phone: 604.504.4610 ext. 1805