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Blog: Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

What's New in LSS?

As we welcomed in the new school year, we had an opportunity to pull together school LSS teachers to discuss a number of changes that are occurring within Learning Support Services. It was also evident as people began to fill the room that there were a large number of new faces, with close to 100 teachers in attendance. This shift presents a great opportunity for us and is in line with one of our District LSS objectives for the year … to increase the capacity of teachers and support staff to implement inclusive instructional practices to improve quality of instruction…within our department plan.

To achieve this objective, we have a number of initiatives and projects that will support the work of staff through providing opportunities for them to come together to look at practices and approaches that improve outcomes for students in our schools. This includes learning about the CALM Curriculum for Kindergarten and Grade 1, participating in the Reaching and Teaching Learning Series and discussions at our Monthly Safety Meetings with Middle/Secondary schools. We hope to provide a variety of ongoing opportunities for staff to learn, discuss and practice, with support, inclusive instructional approaches throughout this upcoming school year.

Finally, we want to welcome all new staff in schools, especially those of you that have taken on a LSS role, and to extend our support and help at any time through this upcoming school year.

Director, Learning Support Services