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Blog: Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Valuing the Unmeasurable

Building Relationships to Strengthen Student Mindset

At the Learning and Assessment Centre, we have the honour and privilege of sharing students with their home school as part of their learning journey. We are not a final destination, but more of a stopover as they learn to value their strengths as a learner. We are not here to fix students as they are not broken. They may learn in non-traditional ways and may require us to think outside of the box.

Relationships become the foundation of our program. Relationships between student and teacher, student and EA, as well as, student to student are continuously strengthened in order for the student to feel safe, trusted and most of all, valued for who they are right that minute. These connections focus on the strengths of the student not the weaknesses. Our students often have a poor view of their own capabilities, have little trust in themselves as learners, and are seeking validation.

The power of YET plays a foundational role in our classroom. We acknowledge and encourage risk taking as learning moments. Mistakes are a means to move forward. We are constantly building a positive growth mindset in our students in order that they feel successful, capable and most of all, valued as members of a community. Their minds may create learning in different ways but this is celebrated. LD does not mean they are not able but rather that they Learn Differently. In today’s world, being different is a grand thing!

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