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Blog: Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Interacting in Social Situations

Interacting in social situations can be a challenge when you have a hearing loss. Following conversations on the playground can be hard work. Socializing with friends that understand the challenge is invaluable. Each year we set up various social situations for our deaf and hard of hearing students to gather together. This year we started off the year with a tea party for our younger girls. This led into re-establishing our afterschool middle and high school girls club where the focus is self-advocacy, helping others and supporting each other. Every other year all the girls are so very fortunate to be pampered by the Hairdressing students at Abby Senior Secondary with the latest styles and some social time with each other.

The boys, in past years, have always gathered for some road hockey so this past December we took it to the ice. Look out Gretzky! To cap off the term, this Christmas some of the Yale Leadership students graciously set up a great Carnival for all our Hard of Hearing students and their families to enjoy. Such a festive buzz in the air giving both students and their parents the opportunity to socialize. Helping our students strengthen their confidence and self-identity is of the upmost importance.

Director of Learning Support Services