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Blog: Friday, January 18th, 2019

Intensive Intervention for Inclusion

The Intensive Intervention for Inclusion program is one way that Learning Support Services is helping build capacity in schools to meet the needs of some of our most complex learners.  The intervention (originally developed by POPARD) has been in place in our district since October 2017.

Each intervention is 4 weeks in length and focuses on one student and their school team. Skills taught include: completing simple work tasks and transitioning between them, following adult directions, and how to tolerate waiting.  These skills are essential for school success and lead to greater gains, both academically and socially. 

While the intervention focuses on one student, the overall goal is to increase the school staff’s capacity.  As the team at Terry Fox mentioned, the program “… gave our team further insights on children with autism, provided effective strategies to teach the skills required for students to be successful in the classroom and used data collection to scaffold student progress.”

The intervention really is a team effort.  At any one school, the student’s team may include their classroom teacher, learning support teacher, educational assistants, family, speech-language pathologist, and intensive intervention helping teacher.  The school team meets every day before and after school to debrief, analyze data, and prepare materials.

Perhaps the team at McMillan summarizes the program best: “It (the program) shaped our student’s day by creating a structure that we could integrate into the classroom as well as make learning meaningful for him.  For our staff, it built confidence, community, and restored our joy.”

Angela Montgomery, Intensive Intervention for Inclusion Helping Teaching