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Blog: Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Feeding the Baker

By Kayla Stuckart, Communications Manager

As I meet teachers, principals and support staff in June I often see sheer tiredness in them.  As their students get more and more excited about the prospect of summer, the staff are working harder to do report cards, IEP updates, organize field trips and ensure the final assessment is in place.  Jobs in education are complex and educators need to take care of themselves first in order to be able to wrap around and take care of the many and varied needs of their students.

The following is excerpts from an article on line called “6 ways to Refresh Yourself”. I hope that each of your will take a few minutes to read this and remember the importance of your own nourishment in order to be able to nourish others.

Imagine a baker, serving up cinnamon rolls, pastries, doughnuts, cakes and pies—but he does it so long and so hard that he wears himself thin. He is skinny as a rail and exhausted from never stopping to eat. In fact, he is a starving baker. He is so busy baking confections for others, he neglects to stop to eat, and he starves himself. Just like the baker, educators can lose themselves in service to others, and fail to care for themselves. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel selfish when we push pause and actually relax, or read a book for refreshment, or somehow nourish our minds. But we must.

Six Practices to Feed the Baker

I’d like to suggest six ways you can refresh yourself as a teacher or leader. In fact, if you’re feeling like a “starving baker” I’d start right away. If you’re an administrator, find ways to make room for your faculty to practice these ideas. If you’re a parent, why not express gratitude for your kids’ teachers by sharing this list with them.

  1. Do something brand new. When was last time you did something for the first time?
  2. Do something rejuvenating and fun. Research has shown that both kids and adults perform better when their day or week is broken up with engaging activities that participants call “fun.”
  3. Do something that stretches your thinking. Read a book or several magazines that normally you’d not consume. See what it does to your thought patterns.
  4. Do something with people who fill your tank. Why not choose a few people who ignite or refuel you intellectually or emotionally and get coffee with them. Find people who make you laugh or think or wonder.
  5. Do something in a new place (location). You likely know already—travel is an education in itself. Seeing a new culture, new landscape, new people and languages can shake us up in a marvelous way.
  6. Do an event that will ignite your mind and heart. Feed yourself every year by choosing events or conferences will fill you up. … learn new ideas, gain creative practices and network with like-minded and brilliant people…


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Kayla Stuckart

By Kayla Stuckart, Communications Manager

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