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Blog: Thursday, May 7th, 2020

CYMH Mental Health Day 2020

Today is the day that the BC Government recognizes Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH), and all things mental health. In case you were not aware May 4-10 is the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) mental health week. This is the 69th year, and it takes place every year during the first full week of May. Mental health week is a Canadian tradition, with communities, schools, and workplaces rallying to celebrate, protect and promote mental health.

Click here to view a tool we have developed that talks about mental wellness. Like everything I will be sending your way it is focused on the youth that you work so hard for each day. I would also invite you to review it yourself and reflect upon your own lives currently.

The idea behind the wheel is that we are always in perpetual motion. This is true even during Covid-19, life does not stop, things may change and we have to adapt and as a result at any given time we are never truly in balance. Sometimes we are ahead and sometimes we are playing catch up. Taking the time to slow down, reflect, look inward thus increasing our self-awareness are the building blocks of emotion regulation. A skill that is sought after by youth and adults alike. If you have any further questions regarding supporting your own mental health or the wellness of others, reach out to your school counsellor and/or CYMH school liaison.  

~Submitted by Duncan O'Mahony, CYMH Liaison with the Abbotsford School District